Which game should we play?

Which game should we play?

Postby AlexFreeman419 » Sun Oct 07, 2018 8:36 pm

We all used to play one game together (Planetside 2). We had some fun times, managed to assemble a squad and even a platoon and even did some training. We should play some game again, but which one?

I will edit this list later, fell free to add your suggestions below or on Discord.

Planetside 2

  • There's virtually no limit on how many people can play together
  • Compared to other F2P FPS titles your starting (infantry) equipment doesn't suck that much
  • Most of us played this game before

  • We collectively left this game at some point. Probably we were upset with something.
  • This game is rage-inducing - we face zerg and the game is over
  • We need a squad leader to coordinate our actions on the battlefield and being a squad leader is hard

War Thunder

  • It's one of the few games which lets you play tanks and planes of WWII, but has arcade mode where you can control these vehicles easily
  • It has good graphics, sound and special effects
  • For the most part it is balanced and all nations have a fair chance in combat
  • Most of us played this game as well

  • It takes long to grind through ground forces tree and at higher ranks the grind is insurmountable. On top of that it has economy problems in the endgame - repair costs for top tier vehicles are too high and you bleed money with every match. Some vehicles in the lower tiers suffer from this problem as well.
  • The game has been suffering from feature creep for a while - they've added Vietnam era tanks, helicopters and ships (currently in closed beta). I haven't played with these new vehicles much, but people say the balance is broken.
  • This game is also rage-inducing and losing streaks are not uncommon
  • We don't play this game anymore as well

Arma 3

  • Most of us have this game
  • There is a lot of user-created content for this game including maps, missions, weapons and vehicles
  • We can fit a lot of people onto the server

  • Some of us don't have this game and it's expensive
  • Some user-created content depends on the DLCs which are also expensive
  • A lot of effort is needed to set up a mission
  • Missions in this game are usually long, it is not suited well for drop-in/drop-out style of gaming


  • It's free, anyone can get it
  • We should be able to get an edge over the enemy with our teamwork and skill
  • F2P FPS' can usually run on low-end PCs

  • Most F2P FPS' are shit


  • By definition MMORPGs can accomodate a large number of players
  • We can overcome many challenges of MMORPGs as a group
  • Most MMORPGs are free and can run on low-end PCs

  • A good amount of MMORPGs has a lot of premium options which make gameplay unbearable
  • Some of us may not like art and setting of a particular MMORPG
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