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Star Citizen Ranks

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Fleet Ranks
This is official Liberty's Call Rank Structure. Each rank have set of duties and responsibilities.

"Fleet Admiral"

Fleet Admiral or for short FA is Liberty's Call leader figure. There is one FA and his forum color is Red
  1. Duties
    1. Supervision of Departments Heads (Captains)
    2. Council duty
    3. Forum managing
  2. Responsibility
    1. He is Responsible for internal work of guild (He will fix internal problems between members, look for better suited captains etc. )
    2. Must be at the Council Meeting (unless special concurrence, Look below)

Captain is a Liberty's Call department leader. There are four (4) of them, one for each department.
Their forum color is Green

  1. Duties
    1. Leading of department
    2. Council duty
    3. Forum moderating (each captain moderates their own forum, and all public forums)
  2. Responsibility
    1. If they aren't active they can be removed from position
    2. They are responsible for every member of their department
    3. They will be found on the Teamspeak server most of the time


Commander is a Liberty's Call section leader. He is one of two second in command of departments. there will be eight commanders total. (2 for each department). Their forum color is White
  1. Duties
    1. Section managing
    2. Section members managing
    3. Second in command in department (can fill in during Council meeting for captain)
    4. Forum moderating (Only department sub-forum)
  2. Responsibility
  3. They are responsible for member of their section
  4. They will be found on the Teamspeak server most of the time


    Chief is a member of section that is right hand man for commanders. Number of them is depended on commanders. Their duties are decided by commanders. Their forum color is White.

    Citizen is official Liberty's Call member. His only duties are to have fun and follow rules. Forum color White.

    Enlisted is trial member. After he register and apply for entry in fleet, he will have rank of enlisted. Their forum color is White

    "A Star Citizen" Forum member
    A Star Citizen is a Forum member, but not Fleet member. To become fleet member he need to apply for it.

    Special Ranks

    Recruitment Officer
    Recruitment Officer is a member of Liberty's Call Peace Corp department. His job is to actively search for new members, do a interviews, and lead data on Trial members.
    Diplomat is a member of Liberty's Call Peace Corp department. His job is to initiate talks, search for new alliances, and keeping in touch with our ally's.
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