Libertys Call Recruitment info

Here you can find information on our recruitment process if you want to join us.

Libertys Call Recruitment info

Postby Blackhawk » Thu Jul 17, 2014 2:57 pm

Hi and welcome to Libertys Call forum.

We are a PC multi-genre gaming community called Libertys Call, "LC" for short.
We play everything from Battlefield style games, to Space sim and Zombies!
You don't have to be a multiplayer gamer to join us.
We welcome all gamers, even if you just want to come in and chat with people about games and make friends.
However, if you do play multiplayer games, then you will have people to play with and more as we grow.

You are welcome to come in to the teamspeak "" and hang out with us and test out the waters first, then feel free to join us.

We are always looking for new mature members, so are you an mature person looking for others to play with you are at the right place.

To apply find an Admin or an Recruting officer on TS.
Or register on the forum and send a message to one of the LEADERS

What we can offer:

- A teamspeak server (with 2 backup servers, so if main server goes down, one of the backup servers will be available at the same adress within 2-4 mins, so people should always have acccess to TS)

- A forum section for discussing games and other stuff
(members can request new sub forum and prvate section for games and get moderator access).

- Fun and mature members and, of course, casual tactical coop gameplay.

And most important-the LC Slogan: "LC-everything else is OP!"

- If you feel you would be a good applicate for Libertys Call, then feel free to apply !

Be sure to check out the RULES
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