Teamspeak Info

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Teamspeak Info

Postby Blackhawk » Wed Oct 30, 2013 1:05 pm

Server Status: Online

Server Details

Default port: 9987

TeamSpeak 3 Download

If main server goes down backup servers will kicks in on within 30 - 120 sec

We have 2 Backup servers so no worries that teamspeak is down.

Direct address to servers:

TeamSpeak Tutorial:

Tools for members on server:

|LC| members can make temp sub-channels under "|LC| Game Channels" The Channels can be with password, Join power or subscribe power. (make channel first with name and after channel is made "then" edit permissions for channel)

Recommended settings:
Join power: 5 | level a user needs to be able to join channel
Subscribe power: 5 | level a user needs to see who is in the channel ( Guest/regular guest cant see who is in channel)

|LC| members can add the "recording" group to a guest/friend or yourself. This is for people so want to record/Stream and not be disturbed by other players. This group added on player he can't be PM/messaged or poked.
(Right click on user and go to "set server groups"),
Settings for group recording:
Join power: 5
Subscribe power: 5
Need talk power 80
Need poke power 80

If you give this group to a guest/friend he will be able to join and see a channel so you have made with join and subscribe power 5.
Remember to remove this group from the guest/user after the streaming/recording is done or he needs to disconnect and reconnect to the server. If not people cant send PM or pokes to the user.

To find out what time a user was last on the teamspeak server use command !lastseen nick or *partofnick* in channel |LC| Lounge

Example !lastseen black*

"[LC] Liberty": Found 2 entries in the database:
Blackhawk (No Mic)1 was last seen at 2014-04-21 19:54:10
Blackhawk | Work | was last seen at 2014-12-07 22:50:14

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