How to get a forum for a game

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How to get a forum for a game

Postby Blackhawk » Tue Mar 25, 2014 1:05 pm

To get a forum section made for any game you must be Liberty's Call member (registered user on forum & having TS group LC) and there must be more than one user asking (or confirming request)
One or more of the members that wants to open a new section must be willing to moderate that part of the forum.

Way to get it is to send an pm to one of the Administrators with the info under.

*Name of the Game:
*URL to main WebPage of game:
Steam Store Page: (if exist):
*Other Members (all members that want to open new section)
Suggest Structure of Section and its descriptions:
Category name
Main Open part name
Closed part of section (for members of the group only)

If not provided or we find it best we will use standard structure (Name of game, Picture and videos, Private)
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