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The Lost Fleet Series "BOOKs"

Postby FreeDooom » Wed Dec 18, 2013 12:49 pm

Well yesterday around 19:00 i stumbled on interesting book series. It was so interesting that when i found it and downloaded it i started reading it all till i need to go to college. Whole night reading around 1 and 2/3 books of 6 in series

It's name is The Lost Fleet
Interesting story, lead character and the feel of despair

Story so far:

Geary, the Legendary Hero of 100 Years back presumably dead in heroic battle that earned him his status is found in escape pod 100 years in future by fleet going to enemy Capital system. Fleet suffer deffeat and leaders of the fleet went to surrender leaving our hero as commanding officer of the fleet, with a mission to safely return to Alliance Space.

Deep Behind Enemy Lines, 100 Years difference in Tradition and Tactics used, stupid but brave captains of ship opposing his new (Old) tactics and traditions, and hero worshipers that think he is some messiah.
Fleet need to use FTL Jumps to get back to Alliance space, a long and dangerous path ahead of them, In each system they jump enemy is waiting, He needs to outsmart Enemy Commanders, uncover mystery behind new FTL system that allows ships to fly 100 times faster from any point (He is using older FTL that Allows to jump only from gravity well to gravity well while new system allows to travel any distance if its connected by doors).

Lot of Military, Sci-fi, and science behind each line of dialog. Realistic engagement with enemy fleets, Relativity and distances in lights seconds, minutes or hours while flying massive at 0.1 of speedd of light
Link for the series on wiki, and better Summary.

I think series is awesome, interesting but yet again i'm a serious nerd when it comes to this stuff :D
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